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Kenny X Reader: Home For The Holidays
A/N: This is a sequel to a previous fanfic, "Sick Kenny X Reader: Don't Go", and is based off the episode Red Sleigh Down.  Those of you who were saddened by Don't Go, here's the ending.  For those of you who haven't read Don't Go, read that first, I'll put links in description.  Enjoy dear readers.
Cut cut cut
You had in your hand a bolt of soft orange fleece, the same orange that reminded you of an old friend, a first love.  Gliding the scissors on the fabric, you cut various shapes, rectangles, circles, and shapes you had no name for.  You had paused, looking out the window.  It was snowing.  It had always snowed in your small mountain town of South Park, but this snow is different.  It was Christmas Eve snow.  
Stitch stitch stitch
Using a needle and orange thread, you began to piece the shapes together.  As your needle danced in between fabric, your thoughts had returned to your friend.  It had been many months since Ke
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KyleXReader: Twin Sister!?
Your name is [Y/N] McCormick.
Your Kenny McCormick's twin sister that has been dead for the past few years.
You see, you had the same 'power' as Kenny did. Being able to die but always coming back. But yours seemed to take longer then his did. He came back days, a week maybe even a month after he died but for you. It took you 3 and a half years to come back, you had died around the time that you were both 6 just entering school for the first time.
You had pushed Kenny out of the way of a falling bookshelf and ended up the one crushed under it's weight.
Poor Kenny cried for awhile after that always blaming himself for your death when it wasn't his fault at all. It was your own for caring so dearly for your twin that you would even die for him.
Kenny has been waiting for the day that he sees his dear twin sister again. You were like the mirror image of Kenny, with your dirty blonde hair, stunning [E/C] eyes, with a hue of baby blue in them. The only thing besides your [F/C] parka,  
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WHATWHATWHAT??? :iconninja-noodles:Ninja-Noodles 386 59 South Park!!!2014 - parody of Haruhi Suzumiya ^__^ :icontanuki-tinka-asai:Tanuki-Tinka-Asai 222 15
Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch1
South Park is the property of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and does not belong to me.
For now, this is a one-shot.
Stan got his Pepsi and sat down.
He didn't know how he got to Tweak's coffee shop after he ran out of school. The whole thing was just a blur. But he was glad that he had ended up here. Tweak's was as good a place as any to drown his sorrows.
How had it gotten to this point? One minute, he was the high school's star athlete despite being only a sophomore, made good grades, had three awesome friends, and a girl who loved him. Now, he was still the star athlete, still had good grades, and still had three great friends. But all he could think about was the one thing he had just lost.
He sipped the coffee, wishing that it was stronger. Maybe then he could be more like Tweek, who didn't have an ex-girlfriend to worry about. Of course, there were about a million other things that Tweek worried about, so maybe that was a bad idea. But still…
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Terrible Things -Stan Marsh x Reader-
Stan looked down at the (Y/F/F) bouquet he had bought at a small flower shop near his house and he set it down in front of him. It was a warm summer evening and the wind blew slightly making Stan's black hair whip around crazily. He didn't seem to care though, he was to entranced by the tree in front of him and the grave that was in front of the beautiful blossom tree.
Stan looked at the carvings on the grave and closed his eyes, feeling them water slightly. The grave belonged to someone he knew for a long time, someone he cared for deeply. He opened his eyes and crouched down to the grave and gently traced the name on the grave stone that read.
Memory of -
Stan stopped himself from reading the rest and looked down in deep thought. While thinking he didn't notice a certain black haired boy frowning at the male in front of the grave. The young boy tugged on the sleeve of Stan's shirt to catch his attention. Stan looked at the boy he was caring for in curiosity.
"Why did she die?" He ask
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